First Flight of Boeing 787!

Today the Boeing 787 took its first flight! It’s nice to see projects come to completion one has been working on for a while. After the Airbus A380 that’s the second one for me to watch that I’ve been contributing to a little. Tonight we had a nice little first-flight party at TTTech.

TTTech has been cooperating with Hamilton-Sundstrand, the supplier of the Engine Power Generation System. For the past 5\frac{1}{2} years TTTech has been involved in implementing the Primary and Secondary Power Distribution Network using TTTech’s TTP, the Time-Triggered Protocol. My part of the job was to lead the team of software engineers developing and designing the embedded run-time software used to interface TTP with the customer’s application. This software is now certified to design assurance level A (the highest level of criticality) according to the RTCA DO-178B  standard for airborne software certification. Furthermore my (former) team has develop quite sophisticated test equipment for lab and flight-test use. In addition to the software aspects I’ve been involved with,  TTTech has also contributed in the development of powerful scheduling and configuration tools, the implementation and environmental tests of the TTP physical layer and, of course, the design, development, and certification of the TTP controller AS8202NF, which is also flying on the Airbus A380, Aermacchi M346, and Lockheed-Martin’s F-16 Block E aircraft.

Looking forward to the launch of NASA’s Ares-I rocket carrying the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle in 2014!


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