Vienna PhD School of Informatics

I just came across a new PhD funding opprtunity that I would like to share with my readers. As reported here and here, TU Vienna is launching a new, funded 3-year PhD programme for computer scientists. As reported by TU officials, the programme is currently at the conceptual stage and due to launch in April 2009 with a funding period of 2009-2011. The City of Vienna is sponsoring 15 female students within this larger programme with 700 k€. So this looks like 46 k€ per student in total, or 15 k€/yr over 3 years, or 1300 EUR per months (gross) – well, seems to be a medicore funding level and hardly convincing for Masters already working in the industry, but better than nothing. Let’s wait for further conditions on that funding (age, gender, etc.), once they got it through.

Update 2009-05-19: I just came across the standard funding levels 2009 for PhD students paid by the Austrian FWF (Fund for Scientific Research).


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